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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Steps to create TCC Batch file

Steps to create TCC Batch file
1.       Open any configuration file in TCC
2.       Go to General tab à Enable Schedule Monitoring à Click on “Click Here to Create Schedule” à Build Command Line à Copy the path e.g. "D:\Taleo Connect Client\TaleoConnectClient.bat" "D:\Taleo_Interfaces\Dev\Outbound\TCC_Scripts\DefaultHiringManagerRecruiter_cfg.xml"
3.       Open Notepad
4.       Type call and path from step 2. It will be like call "D:\Taleo Connect Client\TaleoConnectClient.bat" "D:\Taleo_Interfaces\Dev\Outbound\TCC_Scripts\DefaultHiringManagerRecruiter_cfg.xml"
5.       Save the notepad file as “DefaultHiringManagerRecruiter.bat”
6.       Go to Task Scheduler of Server where TCC is installed.
7.       Click on Create Basic Task
8.       Define the schedule and under Program/script browse file created in step 5.
9.       If needed Task can be updated.