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Monday, December 6, 2010

Register a Report with Oracle Applications R12

To register a Report with Oracle Applications in order to use it in Apps.
1. Develop the report (.rdf) file as per client requirement by using reports 10g.
2. move the .rdf file from local machine to server into the respective path
CUS_TOP\12.0.0\Reports\US\ .rdf PO_TOP\12.0.0\Reports\US\ .rdf1. Connect to the application and select system administrator create Executable
2. Executable Name (Any User defined Name)
3. Application Name(Where the .rdf file located)
4. Execution Method (Oracle Reports for reports)
5. Execution File (.rdf file Name)
6. Create Concurrent program and attach 1)Executable
7. Parameters
8. Incompatible Programs
9. create Request Group attach Concurrent Program
10. Create responsibility attach
1. Request Group
2. Menu
3. Data Group
11. Create User Attach Responsibility to the User
12. User will submit the request from SRS (Standard Request Submission) Window
SELECT user_id UserID, user_name UserName, creation_date Cdate FROM fnd_user
Executable = System Administrator =>
Concurrent = > PRogram =>Executable Concurrent Program = => Concurrent = >
Program => Define Request Group = => Security = >Responsibility => Request responsibility = =>
Security = >responsibility => define user = =>Security =>User =>Define SRS Window =
View=>Requests=>Submit New Request => OK =>Select Program Name =>
Click Submit Button Press NO =>Select find Button =>
13. Click View Log button to open the log file.
14. Click View output button to open the output file.

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